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Danielle Small, MS
Marriage & Family Therapist
CA License #84829


While earning my undergraduate degree at Barnard College in New York City, I learned just how unstoppable an individual could be once empowered with the knowledge that being themselves was enough.  That no matter what one’s socio-economic background, gender, religion or sexual orientation, recognizing their truth was the basis for incredible growth.  Seeing so many individuals armed with this knowledge engaged in furthering themselves personally, professionally and spirituality was truly an inspiration.  This is what I aim for when working with my clients; I want them to fully realize their potential for growth despite life’s inherent struggles.  I endeavor to do this with humor, warmth and candor.  Upon getting my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Mount St. Mary’s College, I worked with disenfranchised and underserved communities at The Relational Center in Los Angeles.  This work included aiding individuals, couples, groups and families with a variety of stressors.  I witnessed my clients thrive when properly resourced and supported.  However my desire to help others learn to accept their bodies, love their minds and embrace their spirit led me to my work with eating disordered individuals; first at Oceanaire Residential Facility for Women, and then at the Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization level of care at Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment.  Currently I am proud to serve as a primary therapist at The Eating Disorder Center of California in Brentwood.

Professional Affiliations:
California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT)
The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (IAEDP)